Victor Sheymov is a computer security expert, Russian expert, author, scientist, inventor and patent holder of computer security innovations. As a former intelligence official in the Soviet equivalent of the United States National Security Agency (NSA), after defecting to the United States in 1980, he was a major contributor to the intelligence community of the western nations during the Cold War. His story is well documented through numerous national appearances in media, both television and print, testimony before Congressional committees, and speaking appearances.

Sheymov is the inventor of Variable Cyber Coordinates (VCC) method of communications. This method of communications is advantageous for establishing a high level of cyber security. By hopping IP address and other communications parameters, it provides dynamic protection of computers and computer networks through cyber agility. Variable Cyber Coordinates (VCC) is a method of network communications by which the cyber coordinates of the participating objects or entities are constantly changing. It provides an algorithmic foundation for the dynamic security of network devices against network-based cyber attacks.

Victor Sheymov is the author of Cyberspace and Security: A Fundamentally New Approach, a book that analyzes the real differences between physical space and cyberspace, and explains why the legacy firewall security methods designed for the physical world cannot work in cyberspace. The book lays out a foundation for an effective, feasible and reliable cybersecurity technology. Sheymov’s Tower of Secrets is his memoir describing the Soviet Communist political system, its repressive apparatus, and technical aspects of KGB intelligence. Sheymov is also the author of Party Gold: A Cyrus Grant novel of suspense, set in the period following the collapse of the Soviet Union and describing the search of the large sums of money that disappeared during the collapse of the communist system in the Soviet Union. Sheymov’s Tiebreaker: Tower of Secrets II, published in October 2013, takes up the author’s experience with the CIA, his analysis of mole infiltration, and his development of a new cyber security technology.

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Cyberspace and Security  by V.Sheymov reveals the main difference between cyberspace and physical space.

V.Sheymov reveals the main difference between cyberspace and physical space.

Speaker on Cyber Space and Security 

“THE ERA OF STATIC CYBER SECURITY SYSTEMS IS OVER. When we created cyberspace we did not really understand how different it is from our familiar physical space. Naturally, we tried to impose our time-tested physical space security methods in cyberspace. They have never worked. We’re used to concepts like mass, gravity, friction, distance, and we build our physical systems accordingly. But there are no such concepts in cyberspace: there is no gravity, no mass, no friction, no distance. This is why our cybersecurity doesn’t work. This difference has been understood by most advanced scientists for some years now”

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