The game-changing approach to cyber security

InvisiLAN® randomizes virtually all communications parameters i.e. computers’ cyber coordinates, and distributes them only to authorized computers.

InvisiLAN® technology, based on VCC method of communications, was tested by Japan’s NTT data supercomputer, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, NSA and others–and none could break it.

The Variable Cyber Coordinates (VCC) method offers a radically different way to protect networks. By hopping IP address and other communications parameters InvisiLAN® provides dynamic protection of computers and computer networks through cyber agility.

The cyber maneuver InvisiLAN® technology minimizes or negates the effectiveness of a broad range of cyber attacks; reduces the attackers return on investment for developing zero day attacks or modifies existing attacks to avoid detection; makes the attackers unsure as to what systems they are going to attack or are actively attacking; and makes the attacker unsure if they are successful in exploiting a system that was indeed the intended target. InvisiLAN® technology keeps the attackers guessing as to when and how effective their attacks may be.

Cyber security  experts have acknowledged that fundamentally different principles of cyber security must be developed, and they request development of dynamic systems. “Information technology community needs a radically new approach for IT system defense.


  • Renders a private network cyber-invisible by constantly changing its IP addresses
  • Protects against unauthorized external and internal intrusions and instructive malicious code
  • Stops Denial of Service (flooding) attacks at the gateway, leaving the internal LAN operational
  • Detects and logs intrusion attempts in real time

Flexibility to control network access to each individual computer, and even to a specific application

Operates independently on any platform and operating systems, and is transparent to all user applications

Composed of three proprietary elements: a network security card for each server, workstation or devise, a secure LAN gateway and a control unit for security management.

InvisiLAN® randomizes virtually all communications parameters i.e.computers’ cyber coordinates, and distributes them only to authorized computers.
This is an electronic implementation of the ultimate security principle of need to know basis. Furthermore, these parameters are changed rapidly, denying penetrating opportunities to even the most sophisticated attackers.

 InvisiLAN® cyber maneuver technologies includes Port hopping and IP hopping ready for IPv6 environment.

Most importantly, InvisiLAN will protect our nation, preventing the wide range of dangers we face from potential cyber attacks. Damage to our power grid and critical infrastructure sectors, vulnerability of our sensitive and personal information, these are but a few of the long list of threats we face from cyber attacks.

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